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Hope After Miscarriage Ep.1

Updated: May 19, 2023

So we did a thing . As many of you know, we’ve been on this #baby journey for quite some time. We don’t post about it often BUT many of you have been praying with and for us since our first of four #miscarriages between 2019 and 2021. What many of you don’t know is that we’ve been working with #fertility specialists since last year. It’s been an “interesting” experience to say the least lol.

We often talked about vlogging the journey but never got around to it. Last month though, after a particular experience, we decided we’d just start recording . So we’ll be bringing you up to speed over the next few weeks with what’s happening presently, what’s happened in the past and how we work through it all. Our #hope is that whether you’re dealing with your own fertility issues or not, your hope will be revived and #faith will be spurred for whatever your “thing” is. We all have SOMETHING that is challenging our faith.

𝙋𝙊𝙎𝙏 𝙀𝘿𝙄𝙏: We don’t know how this will all turn out by the way. There’s no guaranteed happy ending . So y’all just riding along with us. PRAY FOR US

Video Transcript

Nurse: [00:00:00] So we're, you're calling on day one to come in for an ultrasound on day 12, because he's giving you fertility medications. We need to look with ultrasound on day 12, which is when you should be responding to the medications. We're going to talk about to see are they working? Is the dose high enough? If it's not, do we need to increase it more?

The. Is what he gave you working too well. We want to avoid John and Kate plus eight situation. We're not trying to do that.

Emmanuel: the thing is we're going to be kind of documenting documentary, documenting this process of operation, get Gaby. So we're trying to, obviously, you know, that we've been Adrienne has communicated, you know, we're trying to have a child or another little, little [00:01:00] bundle of chocolate. And and so we're doing everything that we can in the scope of that we can afford to get Gabby here.

And so we just left from preg down there. South Calcutta Lackey. And I'll let Adrienne talk more about what we're actually going to be doing.

Adrienne: So I recently, I guess two weeks ago I had surgery to remove a polyp that was discovered in my uterus and to check my fallopian tubes out and make sure everything was good with that and the ovaries and stuff, because back in November, they tried to do a test like an ink test.

Like put this ink through your fallopian tubes and it's supposed to, like, if everything's healthy with it, it's supposed to just flow through the tubes and go out well mindset. And we're not having that. And it rejected it. So while they went into remove the polyps, they also checked out my fallopian tubes and my ovaries, all that stuff was good.

[00:02:00] So they literally have no. Explanation as to why we've had four to five miscarriages. All of my blood work has been fine. My uterus looks fine, everything looks fine. So they don't really have an explanation. So now the course of action is to basically help us get pregnant really fast and then do everything that they can to keep the pregnancy.

And so right now they just told us that the plan is to once my net cycle starts then I'll be taking a few different medications to. Helped me kind of, I don't know, regulate your isolation. Right. So they want to be able to time things out and like, see if I'm obviating when I'm supposed to do.

Emmanuel: But even if you're not, they can induce that.

Adrienne: Right. So they're going to, if I haven't ovulated, when I'm like supposed to ovulate on a certain day of the cycle, I'll be coming in any way for them to just [00:03:00] check things out. And if I haven't started that ovulation already, then they're going to give an injection that causes me to like ovulate light immediately, which is really weird though.

So and then after that

Emmanuel: Ovulation Activate!,

Adrienne: they would basically have to have relations like

Emmanuel: RELATIONS!

Adrienne: All the time,

Emmanuel: like all the time. Oh, darn it.

Adrienne: And then once I get. And then they will put me on a type of progesterone, which is supposed to kind of try to help keep the pregnancy. Yeah. So yeah, it's kind of like a little bit like, like I want to be excited, but at the same time I'm nervous because like miscarriages suck.

Emmanuel: There's still, there's still opportunity for miscarriages. So it's not like it's like foolproof with. [00:04:00] Still it's things like a N the, the, like the, the best way to do it without like the reducing the risk of miscarriages and is what is it in free TRO and Virgin IVF. And that drink cost like $20,000.

Adrienne: And I'm like not covered by insurance, and it's not even necessarily guaranteed.

Like, I know people who've gone through that process multiple times and. If it didn't work did think about this place though, is they've got this like money back guarantee with IVF processes that if you don't get pregnant, like they give you your money back,

Emmanuel: which is pretty dope.

Adrienne: I mean, that's a pretty high level of confidence.

Yeah. Yeah. But yeah, we don't have to this. Maybe we don't have to put her on a payment plan. First off coming out with her own bills. Like you gotta get a job

Emmanuel: first off, we don't live in South Carolina. So that's like, I'm going to [00:05:00] say an hour and a half, two hour drive just to come to the appointment.

Adrienne: And we were only in there for like 20 minutes. So hour and a half year now we got to go an hour and a half back.

Emmanuel: Yeah. So I'm like, keep it, keep a little track record of baby cakes, little Gabby faces. Like, you know what I'm saying? You owe me, you know what I'm saying? My coin says three, three years old.

We to sit down and talk to her like, Hey, no, no, no, no, Nope, Nope. Let, let me hear it. Let me, let me, let me sit down and talk to you, baby. Let me talk to me. See this right here. When we try to get you up, get you. This is our, our, our expense sheet right here out of mys. I know it's not no cookie time, but juice time right now.

Listen, listen, listen. No, no, no, no, no, listen, listen. It's no juice in snack time. It's it's give me my money. How are you going to give me my money back? C E J he, we gotta talk to him to let him know like stay on your sister because she, she might be trying to like, not try to pay us [00:06:00] back. Nah, nah, nah, you gotta let, w she got to grow up to be something amazing.

We put all this work in to get her here. You better be amazing girl. What's wrong with you paying for him? Seriously? I mean, he's, he's amazing. So it was like, okay, he's going to do something. He don't have to take care of me when I get old facts. Oh, facts.

Adrienne: That's why he know he gotta give me kisses every day because you owe me, they cut me open for you.

Your father almost passed out in the operating room.

Emmanuel: Man that joint was, so it was so weird anyway, so yeah, I think that's the plan and we're going to try to document the journey. So, which is kind of, which is kind of weird. And why is it weird? Well, just because.

Y'all going to see the good and bad and the ugly. And I don't necessarily know. We'll just,

Adrienne: I [00:07:00] don't shy away from it because for one, I feel like when stuff is hard, I'd rather for people to know. So they don't expect me to be like 100, like yeah. If I'm having a rough day and it's because of all this. Hey, no, you might not get an email response back from me immediately.

I mean, you probably won't get that anyway, because we got so much going on, but still I might not be, I was at my best, but also like, we need your prayers. We need encouragement sometimes. And yeah. So, you know, a lot of people, sometimes they like, they feel embarrassed or ashamed. Because of like the miscarriages that they've had or even just going through the process, right?

Like there's no reason to like, unless you was just doing crazy stuff like that caused it, but I mean, but if you're actually on drugs, please don't do drugs. You [00:08:00] getting you getting lit, getting turned out. Why are you pregnant then? That might be. But even with that, there is redemption, there is forgiveness, you know, see a therapist worked through it.

I saw a therapist. I tried to see a therapist. I'm going to get you with therapists. I think you need therapists therapy helps. So yeah, that's my thing. Like it's nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed about. Like, this is the part of the journey. So.

Emmanuel: Alrighty. So this is episode one and we're going to go get us something to eat

and we'll keep you updated. Oh, we forgot to ask. We forgot to ask me to go upstairs and ask them if I'm clear to. I think you're clear to have relations. He said everything looked like it was healing up on him cleared to have relations after the surgery. They were like, you cannot have any [00:09:00] relations until after you've been cleared at your post-op appointment.

Adrienne: oh, do you the same time? How does that probate? Okay, bye.

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