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A media company aimed to push HOPE into the culture in creative and engaging ways.



Follow the journey of the Threatt Family through a history of miscarriage, to having triplets, all while managing a innovative non-profit.

About Us


Give Hope Daily was established by Emmanuel + Adrienne Threatt, local solution cultivators in Charlotte, NC. They have been working together as a team to impact their community in various ways since 2007. Currently, they spend most of their time advocating for the homeless community in North Carolina through their nonprofit organization Hope Vibes Inc. They started this organization in 2017 in Charlotte, NC, focusing primarily on hygiene and how it impacts the ability of a homeless neighbor to move into a position of life stability. Over time, the mission of Hope Vibes expanded, putting a strong emphasis on developing creative exit strategies to end homelessness through direct relief, research, innovation, advocacy and systemic disruption.  Emmanuel + Adrienne are working diligently to cultivate opportunities to SERVE, EMPOWER people through awareness, CONNECT those in need to available resources and CREATE solutions that counteract the homeless epidemic in our region. To learn more about Hope Vibes, visit
As experienced communicators, Emmanuel + Adrienne enjoy speaking at conferences, schools, churches and businesses, inspiring people to recognize their full potential and to use that potential to make a difference in the world around them. Emmanuel is a former educator, police officer, youth crimes detective and pastor (yes what a combination lol). He is also a published author, recently released his first children’s book in the new Kardboard Kids series! While Adrienne is also a former educator and pastor, she's is also a certified life coach and writer. Emmanuel + Adrienne are committed to using their gifts, talents, mountain-top experiences and valley low moments as catalysts to encourage, inspire and activate others.

Oh by the way, if you're type to ever get hungry.... be sure to check out Eats With the Threatts! When we try new places, we like to share with others what restaurants are hitting and which ones are a hard pass! If you try one of the restaurants we've reviewed be sure to let us know in the comments!

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Emmanuel & Adrienne Threatt

Founders of Hope Vibes Inc.


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